AccuVein Vein Visualization Device   

Familiarity with the Anatomy is Recommended 

Did you know that the FDA recommends that clinicians make sure that they are "familiar with the anatomy at and around the site of injection, keeping in mind that blood vessel anatomy can vary among patients." This demonstrates the importance of an in-depth working knowledge of vascular anatomy. The challenge is that each person's anatomy is different. It is important to recognize this and take steps to increase familiarity with the patient's facial vasculature. 

To help with this we have incorporated AccuVein vein visualization into our aesthetic procedures. AccuvVein lets us see vessels that we might not otherwise see before we inject by providing a roadmap of the vasculature on the skin's surface. 

Avoiding veins can help avoid bruising 

The face is incredibly vascular and can therefore bruise easily, no matter how careful or experienced a healthcare provider is. The AccuVein AV400 vein visualization device provides sight to an otherwise blind or obscure procedure, allowing us to see the vasculature and avoid veins in cosmetic procedures. 

Vein avoidance coupled with refined needle placement helps to reduce tell-tale bruising and social downtime. Patients can go out and do things right after an injectable procedure, often with no clues that they've had something done. 

Vein visualization has been a game changer that leads to safer procedures and happier patients! 

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