SmartXide Dot C02 Fractional Laser

Skin Resurfacing with SmartXide Dot C02 Fractional Laser 


The SmartXide DOT C02 laser system will help your skin regain its tone during the treatment as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles, small and large acne scars, and dark marks on your face and hands. SmartXide DOT uses a C02 laser system on electronically pre-set network of points, without removing the entire skin surface as with other systems. Skin redness following the treatment only lasts a few days, not months like before.

How does the SmartXide Dot work?


SmartXide DOT is a fractional C02 laser system. C02 lasers are the most powerful systems on the market, capable of amazingly good results. The light associated with C02 lasers is able to stimulate skin rejuvenation, only hitting small areas in depth thanks to the SmartXide's fractional DOT technology.


Does it hurt? Will I need an anaesthetic?  

The only sensation you can expect is a slight "stinging" that only lasts a fraction of a second. Compared to traditional treatments with C02 lasers, the DOT method now enables a significant reduction of after-treatment pain. The treatment is safe and effective, meaning that it can be used for every part of your face, neck, hands even with the finest most delicate skin-types. There's no need for an injection, just a topical anesthetic cream and pain management medication. 

Who is the SmartXide DOT treatment suitable for?


The SmartXide DOT treatment is suitable for everyone and all skin-types. Special care is only required for those who like tanning often.  

How long does the treatment last? 

The treatment typically takes half an hour to an hour depending on the area(s) being treated. It is recommended for patients to come one hour prior to treatment time to have topical anesthetic applied.


How many treatments are necessary?


The results will be visible even after the first session. You can work out a treatment program with your healthcare provider depending on the severity of your skin defects.  

Are there any unpleasant side effects after the treatment? 

You may experience a sensation similar to what you feel after your first day in the sun on the beach, as well as a slight erythema for a few days. Your healthcare provider will recommend the right regimen to follow to ensure your skin is moisturized. The first few days after treatment you can expect swelling, redness, and sometimes pinpoint bleeding. Most people experience some itching and peeling for a few days after the treatment. Patients treated with the fractional C02 laser can usually return to normal activity after 5 to 10 days, depending on the intensity of treatment.


When will the first results be visible?


The majority of patients observe increased skin tone even after the first treatment. You may also notice that your skin marks have faded after one single treatment, though two may be necessary to see these effects. Your healthcare provider will work out the best facial rejuvenation plan for treating deep wrinkles. As the laser stimulates the production of collagen you will notice a progressive improvement of your skin for at least six months after your last treatment.  

Are the results permanent? 

All the changes in your skin obtained with SmartXide DOT are permanent. Nevertheless, the beneficial effects will gradually diminish with the natural aging process. Remember that smoke, alcohol, excessive exposure to the sun, and poor eating habits all accelerate the aging process. 

Can I repeat the treatments?

There are no contradictions against repeating the treatment programme with SmartXide DOT. In a few years' time, with minimum investment, you will still be able to obtain the results you desire.  


A thorough consultation with one of our knowledgeable practitioner's can help you determine if C02 fractional laser is right for you and your aesthetic goals. The consultation includes expected treatment outcome and skin improvement, anticipated recovery time, and risks. Please call Luxe Aesthetic Center to schedule your complimentary SmartXide DOT C02 fractional laser consultation, (714)970-9100. 



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